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Tools and power tools


The category encompasses a wide variety of tools and power tools of the most renowned world suppliers, used in many areas: starting from general purpose tools, through professional tools (for example for construction or metalwork purposes) to workshop and gardening tools. The offer also includes accessories both for hand and mechanical tools. They support the usage, maintenance, servicing and storage of tools, as well as improve safety of people using them and ensure professionality and comfort of performed works. New trends and widespread Internet access, where you can easily check how to perform works once reserved only for the professionals (for instance, how to restore old wooden furniture or perform upholstery works) make this kind of equipment appreciated and popular not only among professionals but also amateurs of DIY. Nowadays, Do-It-Yourself attitude becomes more common. Enthusiasts will be satisfied by performing varied tasks, from interior decoration to landscape design and complicated construction works connected with renovating or building a house.

The tools and power tools category includes products of such companies as: Black&Decker, Dewalt, Stanley, Proline, Mega, Lahti Pro, Lahti Pro Europa, Tryton, Vulcan Concept, Vulcan Concept Akcesoria, Vulcan Concept Ogród.