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The category encompasses both a wide selection of software designed for general purpose computers, as well as specialized and network software.

ABC Data offers operating systems for personal computers, office software packages and various software programs, as well as server, database and anti-virus systems, programing tools, graphic and audio-video editing tools. Thanks to such a wide offer, the products available at ABC Data will fully meet the needs of Partners handling individual and business customers, institutions and integrators, irrespectively of the requirements set out in the order specification. The software is available in single or multi-user version or in the form of a licence.

The software category includes products of such companies as: ABBYY, Adobe, APC, Corel, D-Link, ESET, G Data, HP, I.R.I.S., Intel, Insert, Kaspersky Lab, McAfee, Microsoft, Panda Security, Pervasive, Pinnacle, Symantec, White Canyon, Trend Micro.