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Smart Home Products in the ABC Data offer

The Internet of Things is developing unceasingly and soon it may become one of the key factors having an impact on the development of global economy. From the very outset, ABC Data does not only follow the trends, but it also creates them successfully. That is why we constantly extend our offer in the IoT field, especially in the Smart Home category. These solutions have their place among the fastest developing sectors of the Internet of Things and, as a lot of research indicates, this trend will further increase.

Intelligent solutions for home automation provide their users with unique opportunities, increasing life comfort and household members’ safety and security. Among functionalities of Smart Home, you may find remote control over the house or flat, remote control over home appliances, surveillance, monitoring and saving in energy consumption, parental control and, for instance, smoke or flooding alerts. It is important to note that this technology gives the access to data and the ability to control the devices from anywhere, by using a tablet or a smartphone.

We strive to provide an offer which reflects the worldwide trends in the field of Smart Home, so we extend it systematically with new products of renowned manufacturers. Currently you can buy almost 200 Smart Home products at ABC Data and this number is constantly increasing. We offer innovative solutions of brands such as: BNT, Dlink, Fibaro, Lark, Smanos and iSmart Alarm.