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Informations about ABC Data Product news

ABC Data, the leader in the market of modern IT and consumer electronics distribution in Poland and the CEE region, has been selected as the “OKI Distributor of the Year 2016 in Poland”. The title was awarded to the company for the excellent sale of OKI equipment and consumables. This is the best proof of how one of the world's leading printing devices manufacturer values the cooperation with ABC Data in Poland, which lasts since 2003.
ABC Data, currently the only official distributor of Xiaomi products in Poland, has expanded its cooperation with Play mobile network operator. As a result, the popular Xiaomi Redmi 4A smartphones – provided with 2 GB RAM and 32 GB, Dual SIM, and high-speed LTE internet – could be included in the offer of the mobile operator. They are available in the Flexible MIX tariff for a single PLN.
Among the IT solutions included in the portfolio of ABC Data, the leader in modern distribution of IT equipment and consumer electronics in Poland and the CEE region, the extended range of UPSs is a strong point. The distributor has extended it to include single-phase and three-phase UPSs from the reputed Legrand brand. The new product range includes Offline, Online, and Line Interactive type equipment, making it a perfect complement to ABC Data's offer, making it even more comprehensive.
ABC Data, the leader in the market of modern IT distribution and consumer electronics in Central and Eastern Europe, has just been joined by another global brand. The company has signed a distribution agreement with TomTom, a leading manufacturer of advanced car navigation systems and equipment for sports and active leisure enthusiasts. Under the new contract, the portfolio of ABC Data has been expanded by the full offer of products of this reputable manufacturer.
In 2016 ABC Data, a leader in the modern IT distribution market in Central and Eastern Europe, listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, reported over PLN 4.9 billion in the consolidated sales revenues and maintained the margin on sales at a high 5.3% level. The Company continuously implemented its development strategy for the years 2016-2018 and, despite a changing situation in the IT distribution market last year, it executed most of the key initiatives announced.