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All conditions for making an advance payment for the dividend predicted for 2017 were fulfilled. The entitled shareholders of the company can expect payment of over PLN 10 million, which means PLN 0.08 per share. In recent years, ABC Data has paid over PLN 189 million in total, achieving the highest rate of dividend in Poland, which equalled to 9.9% in average between 2011 and 2015.
ABC Data Capital Group closed Q3 of 2017 with over twofold EBTIDA and EBIT growth and a three times higher (YoY) net profit. During that period, the Company generated consolidated EBITDA amounting to PLN 15.7 million, EBIT amounting to PLN 14.3 million and PLN 9.2 million of net profit. In Q3 of 2017, the Group significantly increased its return on sales and achieved a margin of over 6%.
ABC Data’s successes continue! This leading Polish IT equipment and services and consumer electronics provider in the CEE region has just been awarded with the title of the “Distributor of the Year 2017” in the IT category during the Tech Trade Show 2017 in Warsaw. The competition jury, which included the representatives of the companies, institutions, and media related to the IT industry, awarded ABC Data for its merits in terms of the development of this sector in Poland.
ABC Data, a leading provider of IT equipment and services and consumer electronics in the CEE region, has been granted the Golden Partner Award statuette by Xiaomi. The Xiaomi Golden Partner Award is not only a huge thing to be proud of, but also a confirmation that ABC Data offers its partners full support in developing their businesses. ABC Data is the first official distributor of this brand in the European Union and a leading supplier of Xiaomi equipment in Poland and Lithuania. Thanks to the above, it successfully builds up the position of this manufacturer in Central and Eastern Europe.
One of the highest margins on the market, net profit growth quarter on quarter, stable sales level – the recently published financial results of the ABC Data Group for H1 2017 have significantly exceeded market expectations. According to the assumptions and forecasts of the Management Board, the Company generated a record margin of 6.3%, PLN 1,914 million of consolidated revenues, and EBITDA in the amount of PLN 15.2 million, which is a 25% increase compared to H1 2016 (excluding the gain on the valuation of the shares in Bizneslink CO Sp. z o.o.).