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After almost four years, the review proceedings related to the tax on goods and services for the second quarter of 2014 at ABC Data S.A. came to an end. The review proceedings have shown no irregularities and the inspectors have not made any requests or recommendations for ABC DATA S.A. Currently, there is no tax control at ABC Data S.A.
IT Reseller, an IT website and magazine dedicated to resellers and integrators, announced the winners of the “IT Champion 2018” competition. The “Distributor of the Year” award went to ABC Data. What’s even more, the title of the “VAD Distributor of the Year” went to S4E. Thus, the two main prizes in the IT distribution category went to ABC Data Group.
The results of one of the most important plebiscites for the Polish IT industry have been announced. The CRN Polska magazine announced the winners and finalists of the 19th edition of the CRN Plebiscite. One of the awards went to ABC Data. For the second time in a row, resellers and integrators voted ABC Data the “Distributor of the Year 2017”. This prestigious award only confirms a dominant position of ABC Data in the Polish distribution market.
In the first quarter of 2018, ABC Data generated over PLN 1 billion of consolidated sales revenue, increased its EBITDA by 17% and obtained a 60% higher y/y net profit. The company is not about to slow down, with its focus on maintaining the upward trend.
Just as expected, ABC Data once again left the competitors far behind. Last Tuesday, May 15, the company was voted the “Top Lenovo Distributor of the Year 2017” in the “Business Product” category. In the race for the “Top Lenovo Distributor” Award, ABC Data outcompeted such companies as AB or Tech Data and obtained this prestigious trophy.