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Office and paper articles

Artykuły biurowe

The category encompasses a wide selection of office, school and paper articles from the key and the most popular areas, such as archiving of documents, accessories for presentation of data, various office accessories, stationery, writing and school supplies.

The distributor also offers the products of over 200 brands; therefore, ABC Data can meet not only the needs of any office but it can also be a supply source for stationery shops.

In the office and paper articles category we offer the products of the following companies: 3m, Adler, Allasio, Apli, Aristo, Bi-Office, Brennenstuhl, Cep, Cerva, Clinex, Command, Data Copy, Donau, Duotex, Energizer, Franken, Gimboo, Hagleitner, Han, Ico, Jalema, Liderpape, Logic, Maul, Moll, Multi3, Office, Products, Paperflow, Peach, Penac, Post-It, Q-Connect, Sax, Schneider, Schotch, Sigel.