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The category comprises smartphones, tablets, GSM phones, walkie-talkies and accessories to these devices, including software.

ABC Data offers a wide variety of GSM phones and smartphones, both of popular retail market manufacturers, such as: Samsung or Apple and renowned IT brands, like Huawei or ZTE. As to tablets, ABC Data focuses on a comprehensive offer of A-brand devices, which dominate the market. The distributor also sells cheap walkie-talkies for entertainment purposes and professional devices meeting military standards, resistant to extreme conditions, such as mechanical shocks, rain or dust. Such equipment is used by security companies or in the construction industry.

This category includes products manufactured by: Acer, Apple, Asus, Blackberry, Dell, Global Technology, GoClever, HTC, Huawei, Kensington, Lark, Lenovo, LG, Manta, MaxCom, Media-Tech, Motorola, NavRoad, Nokia, Overmax, Parrot, Plantronics, Samsung,  Sony, Toshiba, Yarvik, ZTE.