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ABC Data supports an expedition for people in care of the Jasiek Mela Foundation.

ABC Data S.A. has become a partner of the Bieszczady 2012 Survival Expedition, organised by the Poza Horyzonty (Beyond the Horizon) Foundation of Jasiek Mela. Between 20 and 30 September 2012, Jasiek Mela and eight disabled people in care of the Foundation will travel across the Bieszczady mountain range.

The Bieszczady 2012 Survival Expedition is another project of the Poza Horyzonty Foundation of Jasiek Mela. This time, a group of disabled people and their instructors will go on an eleven-day expedition across the Bieszczady Mountains. During the expedition, the participants will spend a night on catamarans they will have to build themselves and ride bikes for three days, with the expedition finishing on top of Tarnica, the highest mountain in the Polish part of the Bieszczady range. The expeditions organised by Jasiek Mela are an important element of psychological therapy and prove that people with disabilities can live actively.

“We are happy that ABC Data contributes to this interesting project organised by the Poza Horyzonty Foundation. We hope that the expedition will not only help the participants to believe in themselves, but that they will also help overcome stereotypes regarding disabled people”, said Joanna Pydo, Communication and IR Manager at ABC Data S.A.

The Poza Horyzonty Foundation of Jasiek Mela was established to help people after accidents. Thanks to the support of the donors, the Foundation can purchase professional artificial limbs that allow disabled people to lead a normal, active life. The Foundation also organises expeditions that are intended to help people understand that disability is not the end of dreams.

The expedition can be followed at:

Norbert Biedrzycki appointed new President of the ABC Data Capital Group

From November, the well-known manager will take charge of the operations of leading IT distributor in Europe and the CEE region. The current President, Michał Rumiński, and Management Board, Member Konrad Sitnik, have tendered their resignations. Other Management Board Members, i.e. Wojciech Łastowiecki, Tomasz Zatorski and Dobrosław Wereszko, will continue to support the growth of the ABC Data Group.

ABC Data, which is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, is a leading IT distributor which has been successfully operating on the market for over twenty years. Currently the ABC Data Group carries out direct operations in seven countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

"The CEO, Michał Rumiński, and Management Board Member, Konrad Sitnik, have resigned from their positions in the Company's Management Board. The Supervisory Board wishes to express its gratitude to both Mr Rumiński and Mr Sitnik for their contribution to the growth of the ABC Data Group. I am convinced that the new President of the Management Board will continue to build the Company's goodwill consistently. We give our full support to the Management Board in its new composition for implementing the Company's strategy," said Ulrich Kottmann, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ABC Data.

Pursuant to the Supervisory Board Decision, Norbert Biedrzycki will take up the position of President of the Management Board of ABC Data from 1 November 2012.

"Taking up the position of President of the Management Board of ABC Data as of 1 November 2012, I will consistently implement the strategy of building the biggest distributor in Central and Eastern Europe, i.e. a market populated by 100 million. Our goal will be to strengthen our position in the region, launch new products and services, and increase ABC Data's presence in all distribution channels available. I wish to express my gratitude to the Supervisory Board for entrusting me with this responsibility," said Norbert Biedrzycki, who will take up the position of President of the Management Board of ABC Data as of November.

During the first six months of the year ABC Data recorded revenues of PLN 1.5 million, a sales increase of 23% compared to the same period last year. Export sales of the ABC Data Group on markets where the Company is not directly present is also witnessing dynamic growth. Colorovo, the Company's own brand, continues to develop dynamically and is the best-selling brand in the segment of alternative consumables in the whole ABC Data Group network. The ABC Data Group is consistently implementing its regional development strategy. At present, this Polish IT hardware distributor operates directly in seven countries and its strategy assumes doing business in markets populated by 100 million people.

In the second quarter of 2012, sales of ABC Data increased by 30 percent

The leading IT distributor in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe, ABC Data, generated a revenue of 1.5 billion PLN in the first six months of the year. In the first half-year, the growth dynamic increased by 23 percent.

Over the past six months, ABC Data has strengthened its position, consistently implementing its development strategy. Growth in the Polish company rose to 25 percent due to improvements in such segments as consumer electronics, mobile devices and exports. In the first half-year the company doubled its sales in countries on the Baltic sea, where it has maintained high margins for several quarters. Export sales of ABC Data on markets where the company is not directly present also witnessed dynamic growth. Colorovo, the company's own brand, continues to develop dynamically and it is the best-selling brand in the segment of consumption materials in the whole ABC Data network.

The results from continuing operations (excluding single events, such as the impact of Scop Computers in connection with its deconsolidation and the profit from the sale of Optimus stocks) were much higher than those achieved in the same period of the previous year.

  • The implemented strategy led to a revenue of 1.5 billion PLN in the first six months of 2012.
  • Consolidated adjusted EBITDA reached 22.4 million PLN, which is 24.9 percent higher than the result achieved in the first half of 2011.
  • The Group's net result in the first half-year was 11.7 million PLN, compared with 8.2 million PLN for the same period of the previous.


"The increasing sales of the ABC Data Group emphasise our strong and stable position in IT distribution. Our priority is to struggle for margins. We want to increase them, both by cutting costs and by boosting the sales of the more profitable products, which is achieved through development of the Colorovo brand, for example. Our presence on new markets, such as the Baltic sea countries, leads to higher margins as well. The Company's solid foundations, its strong position based on over 20 years of experience as well as the systematic introduction of new products and expansion of distribution channels – all this permits dynamic growth even in a period when the IT distribution market is becoming increasingly demanding" – Michał Rumiński, President of the Management Board of ABC Data S.A.

ABC Data consistently implements its regional development strategy. Having commenced operations in the countries of the Baltic sea, it is in the process of entering the Hungarian market. At present, this Polish IT hardware distributor operates directly in seven countries and its strategy assumes doing business in markets with populations of 100 mln people.

ABC Data S.A. enters into a distribution agreement with Nikon Polska

ABC Data, the stock market leader in IT distribution, has signed a distribution agreement with Nikon Polska – a global manufacturer of photographic equipment.

The agreement extends ABC Data’s product portfolio of Nikon photographic equipment and accessories. ABC Data will offer its customers the latest digital photographic and optical equipment (telescopes, binoculars), and compatible devices (lenses, flashes).

“Digital cameras and photographic accessories constitute a fast-growing market segment. This is why we continue to expand our product portfolio by adding quality products which are interesting to our customers. Nikon products have long been available from ABC Data. Now, under this extended agreement, our customers will be able to take full advantage of all partner programs offered by Nikon Polska.” – Wojciech Łastowiecki, Vice President of ABC Data S.A. Management Board.

Nikon has been in business for more than 90 years and is a manufacturer of high quality cameras, NIKKOR lenses, scanners, sports equipment (e.g. binoculars, range finders and spotting scopes), microscopes and precision optical systems for both industry and consumers. NIKON is a world leader in digital cameras, producing professional and amateur SLR, and COOLPIX compact cameras.

ABC Data supports “Against the Odds” Anna Dymna's Foundation and protects environment

ABC Data joined the charity and ecological action "Ciuch w Ruch", organized by 3R Recycling Solutions and “Against the Odds” Anna Dymna’s Foundation.

At the company’s premises in Warsaw placed special containers where ABC Data employees can leave useless clothing, fabrics and accessories such as belts and handbags that will be reused or recycled. In this way we can help Anna Dymna’s Foundation and improve our pro ecological attitudes. “Ciuch w Ruch” does not only help in fundraising but also supports good cause. Thanks to the initiative , unnecessary clothes get new life , those in the process of sorting considered suitable to use again are distributed to west African countries (Nigeria, Ghana, Benin, etc.) and the poorest regions of Asia (India , Pakistan). All other textiles are recycled , can be produced such as yarn, soundproofing for cars  and  bio fuel. Rather than to expand landfill, we safe natural resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere. The action is based on the diagram 3R - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Containers not only promote the idea of recycling, but they also are made from recycled paper.

- Ciuch w Ruch is the very unique action combining employees engagement and promoting pro ecological attitudes. To help, it’s very simple , just open your wardrobe, from which , and so without regret we get rid of unwanted clothes – says Joanna Pydo, ABC Data  IR Specialist.  Therefore, we believe that the containers which just appeared in the company will fill quickly.

“Against the Odds” Foundation was established in 2003 by actress Anna Dymna to rescue a group of adults with intellectual disabilities - hostels in Krakow's residents Radwanowice. Today, the Foundation conducts their Art Therapy Workshops, and supports people with disabilities from across the country, by funding treatment and rehabilitation, as well as organizing social events nationwide.