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ABC Data record high!

During the trading session on 28 October 2010, ABC Data’s share prices reached the highest level in the company’s history on the WSE, i.e. PLN 3.19. On the day ABC Data floated on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, 17 June 2010, one share of the company cost PLN 2.35.

ABC Data was placed on the list of ‘eight rockets’ of the Warsaw exchange, in which analysts, who had been asked by Puls Biznesu to name companies that might surprise investors by good news and an increase in share prices, pointed to, among others, ABC Data. Analysts’ positive forecasts encouraged investors to purchase the company’s shares on 27 October (on the day of the publication of survey results), when ABC Data’s shares were one of the best investments of the day, and its share prices rose by over 10 per cent.

Recommendations concerning ABC Data’s shares in October were as follows:

  1. AmerBrokers’ analysts, in a recommendation dated 14 October, recommended “Hold” for ABC Data’s shares with a price target of PLN 3;
  2. DM BZ WBK’s analysts, in a recommendation dated 1 October, recommended buying the company’s shares with a price target of PLN 3.25. 

ABC Data will publish a report with financial results for 3Q on 15 November 2010.

Another major financial investor among ABC Data S.A.'s shareholders

The Management Board of ABC Data S.A. announces that on 29 October 2010 it received a notification from Aviva Powszechne Towarzystwo Emerytalne Aviva BZ WBK S.A. [Aviva Pension Fund Company BZ WBK] stating that Aviva Otwarty Fundusz Emerytalny Aviva BZ WBK (Aviva OFE) [Aviva Open Pension Fund] had exceeded 5% of the total number of votes in ABC Data S.A. through the purchase of ABC Data S.A.’s shares, effected on 21 October 2010.
„We are very pleased that another financial investor has placed their trust in us and increased their interest in our company’s shares. I am convinced that the development plans of ABC Data allow us to treat the company as an excellent long-term investment,” said Marek Sadowski, President of the Management Board of ABC Data S.A.

According to the notification, before the settlement of the above transactions, Aviva OFE held 6,070,674 of the Company’s shares as at 26 October 2010, accounting for 4.998% of the share capital (shares issued) of the Company, and entitling to 6,070,674 votes at the General Meeting, which constituted 4.998% of the total number of votes. After the completion and settlement of the said transactions, Aviva OFE held 6,097,527 shares of the Company as at 27 October 2010, accounting for nearly 5.02% of the share capital (the number of shares issued) of the Company, and entitling to 6,097,527 votes at the General Meeting, which constituted nearly 5.02% of the total number of votes.

Aviva OFE is the second major financial investor among the Company’s shareholders after PTE PZU S.A., which exceeded 5% of the total number of votes in June this year, soon after the Company’s debut on the WSE in  Warsaw.

ABC Data has registered a company in Lithuania

On September 13, 2010, ABC Data S.A. registered a subsidiary in Lithuania, named ABC Data Lithuania. This is going to be ABC Data's fourth subsidiary, following ABC Data Poland, ABC Data Czech Republic and ABC Data Slovakia, in Central and Eastern Europe.

'This is an important step in the pursuit of our strategy, as we have already announced. We are entering the Lithuanian market with our verified low-cost sales model', says Andrzej Sobol, Vice-President of ABC Data S.A., adding: 'This is the same business model we've been pursuing in Slovakia for three years.

Thefull range of products offered by ABC Data will be available to customers in Lithuania, like for all our other customers in the countries where we operate. Goods will be shipped to Lithuania from our Polish warehouse in Warsaw. We want to launch sales as early as September.’

Commencement of operations on the Lithuanian market is one of the components of ABC Data's strategy presented in its prospectus. Moreover, the company is planning acquisitions of new businesses from Central and Eastern Europe (EU Member States) and improving efficiency of logistic processes through implementation of automation system at the Warsaw warehouse.

ABC Data awarded title "Distributor of the Year in Central and Eastern Europe 2010"

ABC Data, the leader in te IT distribution sector of the Polish market, was awarded the title "The Distributor of the Year in Central and Eastern Europe 2010".  This award was received from EMEA Channel Academy "in recognition of distribution excellence" at the annual DistrEE XXL conference, which is the largest meeting of IT manufacturers and distributors from Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), held in Monte Carlo.  The title of the Distributor of the Year was awarded for the second time in the history of Distree XXL, and for the second time it was received by ABC Data (Monte Carlo, 2009). 'We consider this to be a great honour, and a very significiant award. We are very glad that we have won for the second consecutive year, because it means we are maintaining our highest standards in distribution, which are of key importance to us, as well as for our clients and vendors', Mr. Andrzej Sobol emphasized while receiving the award in Monte Carlo.

This year ABC Data compteted with such distributors as AB, Asbis, Ingram Micro, and Tech Data. The choice was made by a jury comprising representatives of the largest IT manufacturers worldwide. The following main criteria governed the selection of winners in this category: growth of sales, number of clients, credit terms, financing, warehouse management, logistics, market development, and reseller relations.

Beetwen 8th and 10th February 2010, the DistrEE XXL Conference in Monte Carlo gathered together nearly 1000 top managers representing over 120 manufacturers and 350 distributors from the IT sector across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). About 4000 business meetings took place during the conference, as well as numerous discussions, presentations and workshops.

ABC Data awarded title Distributor of the Year 2009

ABC Data, the largest IT distributor in Poland and a leader in the IT distribution market, was awarded the title "Distributor of the Year 2009" by the readers of "CRN Polska". Readers voted via an online questionnaire. Voters included owners and employees of IT companies, ranging from the smallest enterprises to the largest market players, representing all segments of the IT market.

"CRN Polska" is the Polish edition of US magazine entitled Computer Reseller News, a professional business-to-business biweekly IT magazine. According to the statistics quoted by the magazine, CRN Polska reaches almost 100% of all companies present on the Polish IT market.