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Manager MBA: More than traditional distribution – an interview with Ilona Weiss, President of the Management Board of ABC Data S.A.

Over the past few years, the role of the distributor has gradually evolved. Companies which saw the change of the trend as the first and followed it, set the direction for the development of the industry nowadays – just like ABC Data. Unconventional thinking and the right approach to the pursued business activity allowed the company to become a European, and even a global company. Ilona Weiss, President of the Management Board of ABC Data, in an interview for the MANAGER MBA magazine, discusses how to effectively pursue business activity and create trends that will positively influence the operations of the company in such competitive times.

We encourage you to read the interview.

2017-09-11 ABC Data – there is no risk related to the actions of the Tax Inspection Authority

There is currently one case of proceedings pending on “due diligence” with regard to ABC Data. The inspection initiated by the Warsaw Tax Inspection Authority covers issues related to the accuracy of the declared tax bases and the correctness of VAT calculation for Q2 2014. According to the President of the Management Board of ABC Data, Ilona Weiss, the proceedings go on without much dynamics, and therefore she does not expect problems related thereto for the company. In December last year, another inspection, pending for more than two (2) years, concerning September 2012, ended up with a discontinuance of the said proceedings.

You will find the full article on the website. We encourage you to read it.

Puls Biznesu: Recipe for success according to ABC Data

Over the past few years, smartphones have dominated the mobile market and won the hearts of their users. ABC Data is one of the leading suppliers of these devices in Poland. Andrzej Kuźniak, Vice-President of the company’s Management Board, talks about the market trends in this area, the wide product range, and the development plans of ABC Data related to, among other things, the further expansion of the Xiaomi brand in the CEE region.

You will find the full interview at the website of Puls Biznesu. We encourage you to read it.

IT Europa: ABC Data lifts profits by dropping low margin deals

The good results of ABC Data for the first half of the year did not go unnoticed for the journalists of IT Europa – one of Europe’s leading industry portals. As they point out, ABC Data has generated a record margin of 6.3% in this period and a higher gross profit on sales compared to the corresponding period in 2016. The results recorded by the company are a consequence of, among other things,
pro-development initiatives in e-commerce, cloud, and mobile areas taken by ABC Data.

You will find the full article at the website of IT Europa. We encourage you to read it.

2017-09-04 ABC Data focuses on margins

In the second quarter of this year, the gross margin on sales at ABC Data increased to 6.7%, which means an improvement both year-on-year and quarter-on-quarter this year. The average margin for the full H1 2017 was 6.3%, compared to 5.1% the year before. According to the company, this is a result of the elimination of low-margin transactions and an effective management of sales profitability in the broadline area and strengthening the VAD sector. Last year’s acquisition of S4E also contributed to the increase of the Group’s margin.

You will find the full article on the website. We encourage you to read it.