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CRN: Over half a billion at ABC Data

ABC Data presented new data regarding its revenues. In December 2016 the consolidated sales revenues of the ABC Data Group equalled PLN 535 million – according  to estimates.

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ResellerNews: ABC Data – conclusion of VAT control

Tax proceedings regarding VAT for September 2012 to which ABC Data was subject concluded positively for the Company. Tax officials from the Second Mazovian Treasury Office dismissed the tax proceedings in whole, sustaining that the company’s settlements in the given period were correct. This is very good news for all company’s partners – shareholders, banks, insurers, manufacturers and customers. The results of the control confirm that ABC Data acts in the best interest of providing security and fairness of its business.

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CRN: More Xiaomi at ABC Data

ABC Data is the first official distributor of Xiaomi smartphones in Poland and in the European Union. The company is going to extend the product range of this brand. In Q1 2017 another Xiaomi devices will be comprised in the portfolio of ABC Data. The offering will be enriched not only with new models of smartphones, but also with other product groups, i.a. earphones, smart bands and Mi Box, a system dedicated to smart TVs.

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2017: grow after drops – a new article by Ilona Weiss, President of the Management Board of ABC Data S.A.

Although the finishing year definitely did not pamper the industry and the current state of the market seemingly does not induce optimism, in 2017 we can expect an improvement. The declining trends will not only be broken, but also reversed. Moreover, already now we can identify the market areas in which drops are absolutely unknown – writes Ilona Weiss, President of the Management Board of ABC Data, in her new article. The whole text is available in the printed version and on the website of the WPROST weekly.



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CRN: Data protection with ABC Data

A growing number of companies see the advantages of implementing advanced data protection procedures or extending the ones which already exist. Despite the fact that it is still necessary to educate entrepreneurs in terms of multiple advantages of backup and data archiving, growing demand for equipment and services related to these areas constitutes an opportunity for resellers and integrators which develop their businesses. ABC Data offers a broad range of products and services related to data protection. Engineers from the Company’s Advanced Solutions Value+ Department provide resellers and integrators with support in sales and implementation of solutions from the domain of i.a. mass storage, virtualisation, the cloud or backup and data recovery.


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