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ABC Data has become the “Reliable Employer of the Year 2015”

ABC Data, the market leader in innovative IT distribution in Poland and in the CEE region, has won a prestigious title of “Reliable Employer of the Year 2015”. The Company has been adopting the highest standards of HR management while trying to provide its employees with the best conditions for work and self-improvement. The Company conducts numerous projects supporting employee development, increasing staff engagement, as well as improving internal communications.

ABC Data 's policy says that the people employed are the basis for building its permanent competitive advantage. Therefore, the company puts much attention to professional HR management. On one hand, motivated and competent employees are the Company's ambassadors, representing it outside, for example while contacting customers. On the other hand, they are of great importance for the process of shaping the entire Organization's success.

- Engaged and creative employees contribute to the rapid growth of the company and higher competitiveness level of its offer. We are a supplier of wide range of modern services, and because we hire the best specialists we build our competitive advantage over other companies in the sector - says Ilona Weiss, President of the Management Board of ABC Data - Moreover, we have initiated for our employees the High Performance Organization project which supports achieving excellent results. We have also been conducting personnel engagement program and initiated the “ABC Data Academy” - president of ABC Data adds.

- What a reliable employer should be? At ABC Data we believe that a reliable employer is a company who provides its personnel with opportunities for personal and professional self-development, listens to their opinions and draws respective conclusions - Rafał Tyburcy, HR Management Director at ABC Data, says.

ABC Data has received the “Reliable Employer of the Year 2015” title for its professional attitude towards its employees. The Company operates in a very dynamic sector and such attitude is expected of its employees. The company's employees have a significant impact on functioning of the entire Group in the CEE region, they can prove their creativity and put their ideas into practice. What is more, ABC Data strongly promotes internal promotion system, and the member of its team can develop their competencies under conducted business projects, as well as technical, interpersonal or language training sessions.

The “Reliable Employer of the Year 2015” title is for ABC Data a major distinction, and in light of the recently received title of “Central & Eastern Europe Distributor Of The Year 2016” it constitutes a confirmation of adopting and using modern management practices.

It was a special year for ABC Data - interview with Ilona Weiss, President of the Management Board of ABC Data S.A.

Despite rapid changes in market situation, the previous year was a real breakthrough for ABC Data. As a result of undertaken activities, the Company recorded significant increases at various income statement levels – net profit increased by 41% to PLN 46.8 million and EBITDA by 10% to PLN 69.0 million. The Company was also able to maintain its debt at the lowest level among the leading Polish distributors. ABC Data has also significantly strengthened its position in the CEE region and now is on the direct route to achieve its strategic goal – to assume the leading position of modern IT distribution in Central and Eastern Europe.

The key to the security - the article by Paweł Ryniewicz and Damian Przygodzki from ABC Data Value+ in WPROST weekly

A growing number of companies and private individuals use the functionalities and comforts offered by cloud computing. If you consider using the cloud but you worry about the security of services and data, do not forget to care for them first and foremost on your side. Why? You can find more information in the article by Paweł Ryniewicz and Damian Przygodzki from ABC Data Value+. The article is available in the printed version and on the website of the WPROST weekly.

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ABC Data getting stronger in Europe - interview with Ilona Weiss, President of the Management Board of ABC Data S.A.

During the last year, ABC Data significantly strengthened its position in the CEE region. The Company moved up by 11 position in Romania and is now 3rd distributor in that country. In Hungary ABC Data is currently at 8th place, after the leap of 12 seats. The Company achieved very good results also in Lithuania, Czech Republic and Slovakia. In all these countries ABC has become a first choice distributor for thousands of resellers. This is confirmed by the title of "Central & Eastern Europe Distributor Of The Year 2016" awarded to the Company in February by the EMEA Channel Academy. Because of all these facts, ABC Data is compared to the world's biggest distributors.

Competitive Advantage thanks to e-commerce - Interview with Ilona Weiss, President of the Management Board of ABC Data S.A.

The modern distribution does not anymore look like several years ago. E-commerce and modern customer service web platform are playing more and more significant role. ABC Data is precursor in usage of these solutions in Poland and for years is systematically expanding its e-commerce tools. Current activities in this field are focused on improving the company's B2B platform, usage of Big Data's potential and adapting company’s software to active cloud computing services sale. Investments in this area, further strengthen the competitive advantage of ABC Data.