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Ilona Weiss awarded “IT Market Personality of the Year 2015”

Ilona Weiss, President of the Management Board of ABC Data – the leader in IT distribution in Poland and in the CEE region, was awarded “IT Market Personality of the Year 2015” by the opinion-making CRN magazine. This award constitutes an acknowledgement of the achievements of Ilona Weiss so far for the development of ABC Data which is one of the most important companies on the Polish IT distribution market and for over 25 years has been successfully determining the directions of its development. 

The award ceremony was held on June 7th at the CRN Magazine “Business Tech Trends 2016” Gala. Among many distinguished guests who attended the event organised in the Intercontinental hotel, Warsaw, there were representatives of the most important IT companies operating in Poland, i.e. Microsoft, Dell, Lenovo and ABC Data. The meeting aimed to award two prizes for “IT Market Personality of the Year 2015”. The editors of the CRN magazine elected Ilona Weiss, President of the Management Board of ABC Data. 

– CRN Poland has been the genuinely opinion-making voice of the B2B sector in the Polish IT industry for years. It is a great honour to be recognised by such a distinguished magazine. Although I received the award for my personal acievements, I would like to dedicate it to the whole team of ABC Data – said Ilona Weiss – For over 25 years we have been the leading equipment, software and computer accessories distributor in our country. Among all countries in the CEE region it is the Polish IT market that resembles the most the market in Western Europe. This is, among others, thanks to ABC Data which, over all the years of its acivity, has been playing a significant role in the process of developing this market – added the President of the 
Management Board of ABC Data. 

CRN is the leading magazine on the Polish market, dedicated to the distribution industry of the IT equipment in the broad sense. The magazine analyses the market trends on an ongoing basis and provides its readers with always the most recent, valuable information and adequate commentaries related to the IT industry. The award from the editors of this magazine is another recognition for Ilona Weiss this year. In February, the President of the Management Board of ABC Data was awarded “Man of the Year 2015” by the publishers of the Mobility magazine at the “Mobility Trends 2015” Gala.

Opportunities and challenges of modern distribution – interview with Ilona Weiss, President of the Management Board and CEO of ABC Data S.A.

Pervasive opinions persist that the IT equipment distribution market is a difficult one; however, it does not implicate at all that being successful on this market is not possible. ABC Data sets the best example in this field, as Ilona Weiss, President of the Management Board of ABC Data proves in the interview for the “The Point of View”, a part of the Harvard Business Review monthly. The President of the Management Board of ABC Data discusses, among others, opportunities for business growth in Central and Eastern Europe, current M&A-related plans of the Company and why, unlikely to most distributors, ABC Data decides to lease rather than build the warehouses. We kindly invite you to read the interview.

ABC Data's key to success is its growth in the CEE region

ABC Data, a leader in state-of-the-art IT and consumer electronics distribution in the CEE region, is systematically growing in Central and Eastern Europe, reinforcing its position in the individual countries of the region. The company has recently launched its new logistics centre in Hungary. Located in Budapest, the warehouse will enable ABC Data to further streamline its customer service for customers from Hungary and the south of Europe, as well as to optimise the costs of logistics and to maintain the highest levels of service, including the industry-leading delivery times.

The grand opening of the new distribution centre in Hungary was held on Thursday, 26 May 2016, during the Dealer's Day organised by ABC Data Hungary. Over 140 partners of the Hungarian subsidiary in the ABC Data Group participated in the event. The new warehouse is located in the Prologis Park Harbor logistics centre, only 12 kilometres away from the Budapest's business district and in direct vicinity of the M0 ring road offering 20 minutes' drive to the airport. This optimally selected location greatly improves ABC Data's business capabilities in this part of Europe, and it significantly increases the Company's customer service quality. The warehouse is managed by Silver Forest Logisticsystem Kft, one of the country's leading companies offering logistics services.

Opening ABC Data's Hungarian distribution centre is yet another step in our strategy to reinforce the Company's position in the CEE region,” explains Piotr Sędziak, ABC Data's COO in the CEE region. With our steady increase in operations and customers in Hungary, and our plans of further expansion of ABC Data Group into the Balkan countries, having a logistics centre in this region was a must in order to ensure a high level of service and to grow our competitive advantages,” adds Piotr Sędziak.

In line with its business model applied to date, the Company decided to lease rather than build its warehouse space. On the one hand, this approach enables ABC Data to broadly invest the financial resources we would otherwise have to spend on building our own infrastructure. On the other hand, this gives the Company great flexibility in aligning the existing warehouse space and its locations to current needs. The new distribution centre in Hungary is another investment made lately by ABC Data as a result of the dynamic growth of the Company in the CEE region. Several weeks ago, the Company has widened its scope of cooperation with one of the leaders in logistics services in Romania. This will enable us to expand into other markets while maintaining ABC Data's standard delivery times.

These new investment projects stem, in part, from the fact that the IT market in the CEE region is growing dynamically. The forecasts predict that the growth may reach up to 20% in the coming two years, and we want to be one of the beneficiaries of this growth,” says Ilona Weiss, President of the Management Board at ABC Data. “The individual markets in the Central and Eastern Europe vary in their degree of development and their specific settings for business operation. Our extensive experience enables us to use the potential of each of them to the fullest. That is why we are able to successfully grow in the region, as evidenced by the financial results of our Company. We went up by 12 spots in Hungary, and by 11 in Romania. Our Q1 2016 sales in the latter market increased by 82%, in Slovakia  by 42%, and in Hungary  by 36%,” adds ABC Data's President of the Board.

The systematic growth of ABC Data in the Central and Eastern Europe region was set out in the three-year business development strategy prepared last year. In line with this strategy, the Company continues to increase the number of regional contracts and expands its local agreements with new countries. This enables us to manage our cooperation with large customers in a global way. Our direct operation in eight European markets, coupled with the strategic location of our warehouses, market-leading portfolio of over 180,000 items and high availability of our products offered in the 24-to-48-hour delivery standard throughout the CEE region, gives ABC Data incomparably greater possibilities than those of other Polish distributors. By skilfully combining organic growth in the CEE region with potential merger and acquisition activities, the Company is currently on a straight course to achieving its strategic objective of becoming an unquestionable leader in IT distribution in the entire CEE region untill 2018.

ABC Data opts for Cloud – interview with Juliusz Niemotko, Vice-President of the Management Board of ABC Data

Cloud computing is currently one of the most prospective trends of the broadly conceived IT market. Its value is continuously growing year by year. In three years it may equal even 450 million dollars only in Poland. As a leading IT and consumer electronics distributor in the CEE region, for a long time ABC Data has been enlarging its offer with Cloud-related solutions and services. The Company is taking active measures to create an original platform dedicated to Cloud services and solutions sales – CloudLink, which may be released even this year.

ABC Data is conquering Czech Republic – with 3D printers

ABC Data is known for setting the trends and providing its clients with the best solutions available on the market, popularised by, among others, cyclical Road Show. In May the company organised such an event in Brno, Czech Republic. Thanks to this, over 200 partners of ABC Data from Czech Republic and Slovakia had an opportunity to get to know ‘live’ the products of the leading Polish companies in the sector of 3D print, i.e. 3DKreator, Monkeyfab, ZMorph czy Zortrax. More information and photos from ABC DATA SHOW IT 2016 are available on the industry portal