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Even more smart home at ABC Data

Contrary to appearances, smart home is not a very distant future, but the present. The portfolio of ABC Data, a leader in the IT and consumer electronics distribution in Poland and in the CEE region, will definitely convince you about this fact. The Company is renowned for reflecting global trends in its offer. And smart home is definitely such a trend. From now on, the clients of ABC Data will be able to buy FIBARO, a system dedicated to smart buildings, which has just been added to the ABC Data offer.

Even if we are not fully aware of it, many of us use smart solutions every day – popular smartphones are exactly such devices. What is more, according to the “Internet of Things in Poland” report by IAB Poland, approximately 40% of Polish Internet users own devices which may function in the IoT ecosystem and the following 50% would use them if they only had the opportunity to do so. It is not surprising because the solutions in the field of, for example, smart home make life easier and significantly increase its comfort. They can be used to control the lighting, roller shutters and blinds, heating or access to premises as well as to save energy, for parental control, home security control and countless other uses.

In 2020 there shall be approximately 25 billion devices forming the Internet of Things. It is worth adding that this is a conservative estimate and the quantity of the equipment of this type may be even two times larger – says Maciej Jarmiński, Mobile Department Director at ABC Data – IoT, along with the idea of smart home, is not only a trend, but our reality. At ABC Data we have been enlarging our offer in this domain for a very long time; we strive to make it as complementary as possible. Thanks to this, our Partners have access to innovative solutions of leading manufacturers – Maciej Jarmiński adds.

The company’s portfolio related to smart home has been recently enriched with the solutions forming the innovative FIBARO system. This is one of the most advanced building automation solutions available on the market. – It is wireless and virtually non-invasive during the installation process. It consists of sensors, of the central unit and of actuators controlling the household appliances – explains Sebastian Lisowski, Country Sales Manager at FIBARO – This system allows to manage not only a house or a flat, but also free time more effectively. Thanks to FIBARO we are able to control the devices with a smartphone or a tablet – and all this using a friendly and extremely easy to operate application – he adds.

The FIBARO system is based on the z-wave technology. Thanks to this, it provides the users with full freedom of communication and of individual devices control as it cooperates with most mobile phones available on the market. It has a friendly and easy to operate interface which poses no problems even to the less advanced users. The FIBARO system is remarkably versatile – it runs proper actions in case of the alarm, helps reduce the costs, takes care of the garden and pleasant lighting. It even facilitates parking on the premises. What is important, this system is created from the beginning, developed and manufactured in Poland.

ABC Data has been continuously expanding its product portfolio related to the Internet of Things. Currently, the company’s offer in the field of smart home comprises the solutions of such leading brands as: BNT, Dlink, Lark, Smanos or iSmart Alarm. The company is planning to dynamically develop this category further on.

The Manager magazine about the new offer of ABC Data

We are increasingly more eager to use smart solutions and smartphones are with us almost always and everywhere. Thanks to this, the Internet of Things is slowly becoming a part of our reality. One of the fastest developing trends related to the Internet of Things is smart home. Solutions dedicated to intelligent homes increase the comfort of their residents, which makes our lives easier and more pleasant. You can find more information about the popularity of this technology and about new products in the ABC Data offer in the Manager magazine, which we kindly invite you to read.

“Secure in the cloud” – an article by Damian Przygodzki from ABC Data Value+ in the WPROST weekly

Software as a Service is currently the most popular model of cloud computing. It means offering software which a client can use without storing it on their disc; in fact, the software is with a supplier. SaaS offers services such as, among others, security services, which allow to ensure the maximum level of protection against threats for an individual or for a company – without high costs of construction and maintenance of internal infrastructure. Software as a Service has a lot of advantages and is definitely worth paying attention to. Why? You can find more information in a new article by Damian Przygodzki, ABC Data Value+ expert. The article has just been published in the WPROST weekly.

Below you can find this article translated into English:


ABC Data fosters Polish entrepreneurship

ABC Data, the leader in the IT equipment distribution in the CEE region, has been contributing to the continuous development of the Polish IT market for over 25 years. As part of the activities carried out, the Company supports the initiatives aiming to strengthen and to promote Polish companies. ABC Data has recently become a Strategic Partner of the “EAGLES OF WPROST” Mazovian Gala – the event at which the WPROST magazine recognised the outstanding enterprises in the region and in the whole country.

The winners of the Mazovian edition of the “EAGLES OF WPROST” ranking were announced at the Gala in Warsaw on Wednesday, June 8th. Among the recognised companies there are: PGE, GPW, 3M Poland or DPD Poland. Jacek Pochłopień, Deputy Editor in Chief of the WPROST weekly, chaired the gala. Granting the statuettes to the award winners was the key point of the event. This part of the gala was initiated by Ilona Weiss, President of the Management Board of ABC Data S.A. – a Strategic Partner of the Gala. In her speech to the audience Ilona Weiss stressed the fact how important for the development of Poland, both local and global, the recognised companies, persons and all those who support them are.  

These Eagles are the leaders who develop dynamically, who constantly search unobvious solutions and to whom innovativeness is not an empty slogan, but a natural way of day-to-day performance – explains Ilona Weiss, President of the Management Board and CEO of ABC Data – Without such companies, our economy would not have achieved what it has already achieved. We are not chasing after Western Europe anymore. We are catching up with it. I believe that, when the situation so requires, the entrepreneurs should be supported in order to develop not only in Poland, but also abroad. With the state support we can do much more – adds the President of the Management Board of ABC Data.

The “EAGLES OF WPROST” are prestigious awards granted to the outstanding companies with impressive results and operating in Poland. It is important that these are not the largest, the best-known enterprises, but also those which do not appear on the press covers. The award winners are elected in two groups: among companies with the highest average net profits and among those with the highest financial results growth. The “EAGLES OF WPROST” can also be granted to entrepreneurs, local government officials or personalities with especially meritorious contributions to their regions. At the Gala in Warsaw the awards were granted to the companies and persons from the Mazovian region. Earlier, the “EAGLES OF WPROST” were granted in Pomerania and in the West-Pomeranian Voivodeship.

Ilona Weiss awarded “IT Market Personality of the Year 2015”

Ilona Weiss, President of the Management Board of ABC Data – the leader in IT distribution in Poland and in the CEE region, was awarded “IT Market Personality of the Year 2015” by the opinion-making CRN magazine. This award constitutes an acknowledgement of the achievements of Ilona Weiss so far for the development of ABC Data which is one of the most important companies on the Polish IT distribution market and for over 25 years has been successfully determining the directions of its development. 

The award ceremony was held on June 7th at the CRN Magazine “Business Tech Trends 2016” Gala. Among many distinguished guests who attended the event organised in the Intercontinental hotel, Warsaw, there were representatives of the most important IT companies operating in Poland, i.e. Microsoft, Dell, Lenovo and ABC Data. The meeting aimed to award two prizes for “IT Market Personality of the Year 2015”. The editors of the CRN magazine elected Ilona Weiss, President of the Management Board of ABC Data. 

– CRN Poland has been the genuinely opinion-making voice of the B2B sector in the Polish IT industry for years. It is a great honour to be recognised by such a distinguished magazine. Although I received the award for my personal acievements, I would like to dedicate it to the whole team of ABC Data – said Ilona Weiss – For over 25 years we have been the leading equipment, software and computer accessories distributor in our country. Among all countries in the CEE region it is the Polish IT market that resembles the most the market in Western Europe. This is, among others, thanks to ABC Data which, over all the years of its acivity, has been playing a significant role in the process of developing this market – added the President of the 
Management Board of ABC Data. 

CRN is the leading magazine on the Polish market, dedicated to the distribution industry of the IT equipment in the broad sense. The magazine analyses the market trends on an ongoing basis and provides its readers with always the most recent, valuable information and adequate commentaries related to the IT industry. The award from the editors of this magazine is another recognition for Ilona Weiss this year. In February, the President of the Management Board of ABC Data was awarded “Man of the Year 2015” by the publishers of the Mobility magazine at the “Mobility Trends 2015” Gala.