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Making the ABC Data Cloud platform available to our partners interested in cutting-edge cloud solutions enhances the current process of changes in ABC Data. The company consistently develops further competencies, going far beyond traditional distribution. Even though it is still the most important part of the company's revenue structure, with the ongoing digitisation of economies and societies, new forms of business should become increasingly important. Value-added services, the said cloud-based platform, and e-commerce services provided via innovative tools – InterLink, mInterLink, and Reseller Web – these are currently the areas of focus for ABC Data.
ABC Data, a leading company in modern IT distribution in Poland and CEE, was named Top Distributor of Business Products of 2016 by Lenovo. It is not the first time that ABC Data received a Lenovo Top Partner award, a prize given to the most prominent partners of the world’s largest distributor of personal computers. The award reaffirms the strong position and Lenovo’s recognition of our Company.
In 2016 ABC Data, a leader in the modern IT distribution market in Central and Eastern Europe, listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, reported over PLN 4.9 billion in the consolidated sales revenues and maintained the margin on sales at a high 5.3% level. The Company continuously implemented its development strategy for the years 2016-2018 and, despite a changing situation in the IT distribution market last year, it executed most of the key initiatives announced.
ABC Data has been selected the best electronics distributor in Central and Eastern Europe. The award granted by the EMEA Channel Academy is one of the most important industry recognitions in this part of Europe. The selection of the winners and the awards ceremony for the best distributors from the specific EMEA areas took place on Thursday, 23 February in Monaco at the DISTREE EMEA conference.
ABC Data, a leader in the modern IT distribution in the CEE region, is known for its complex product range. For many years one of its main advantages has been an extensive portfolio of printing devices and their dedicated consumables. Observing growing demand for professional printing devices and software allowing for complex management of the printing process, the Company has just signed a new contract, as a result of which the distributor’s offering will be enlarged with a number of specialised solutions by renowned German brand Triumph-Adler.