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In 2016 ABC Data, a leader in the modern IT distribution market in Central and Eastern Europe, listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, reported over PLN 4.9 billion in the consolidated sales revenues and maintained the margin on sales at a high 5.3% level. The Company continuously implemented its development strategy for the years 2016-2018 and, despite a changing situation in the IT distribution market last year, it executed most of the key initiatives announced.
ABC Data has been selected the best electronics distributor in Central and Eastern Europe. The award granted by the EMEA Channel Academy is one of the most important industry recognitions in this part of Europe. The selection of the winners and the awards ceremony for the best distributors from the specific EMEA areas took place on Thursday, 23 February in Monaco at the DISTREE EMEA conference.
In accordance with the Good Practices of Companies Listed on the WSE 2016, as foreseen in the Current Report no. 3/2017 of 14 February 2017 published by S.A. (the “Report”), in response to the statements contained in the Report, which are unfounded and which cause a threat to the reputation of ABC Data S.A., the Management Board of ABC Data S.A. hereby declares that: 1) The claims presented by S.A. in the Report are false, misleading and they do not find support in the factual and legal circumstances. 2) ABC Data S.A. disputes the claims of Lark Europe S.A. presented in the abovementioned Report and considers them as unfounded.
ABC Data has just signed a distribution agreement with CraftUnique under which the company has become the exclusive distributor of low-cost 3D printers of this renowned Hungarian manufacturer. The agreement for exclusive equipment distribution, including the CraftBot2 printers and CraftUnique accessories regards Poland and six other countries of the CEE region – the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Romania.
ABC Data, a leader in the modern IT and consumer electronics distribution in the CEE region, has been awarded the title of the “Distributor of The Year 2016” in the prestigious industry “Mobility Trends 2016” poll. The Golden Bell statuette and the honourable title were granted to ABC Data for the second consecutive year. These distinctions prove the jury of the competition’s recognition for the company’s achievements in the development of the mobile technology sector in Poland.