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Consumer electronics

ABC Data offers a wide selection of GPS navigation and software designed for that purpose, CB radio devices, as well as photographic equipment: video cameras and photographic cameras designed both for professionals and amateurs, lenses and accessories such as photography equipment carry bags or stands.

GPS, which was once a trendy product reserved only for the better-off Customers, has now become a standard car accessory. Drivers frequently buy these devices despite the fact that they do not use them too often. Also CB radio has ceased to be a product reserved for professional drivers and it is often installed in passenger cars despite the fact that their owners do not spend long hours behind the wheel. When it comes to photography equipment, its popularity among amateurs constantly rises. The category also features MP3 and MP4 players (as well as accessories and expansions to these devices) and e-books.

The consumer electronics category includes products offered by: Apple, Automapa, Belkin, BenQ, Canon, Creative Labs, Fuji, Garmin, GoClever, Go Pro, Kensington, Lark, Lowepro, Manta, NavRoad, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Samsung, Sony, TomTom, Toshiba, Varta, White Energy.