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Nowadays, the key to success in distribution is not only having a wide selection of products, availability of equipment and efficient logistics but mostly comprehensive approach to Resellers' needs. The role of the leader is to set new directions of development, reading market expectations and meeting them. Therefore, ABC Data constantly widens the scope of its operation with additional services so that its Customers can entirely focus on what is the most important for them, that is sale. Partners of ABC Data, inspired by the distributor, always can be one step ahead of the competition. Apart from e-commerce platforms supporting the entire process of sale and allowing Partners to set up their own online shops, ABC Data also provides such services as: renting demo printing equipment, technical guidance concerning both devices and software, support with large projects and tenders, customization of products and many more. Due to tools supplied by ABC Data, as well as standards of cooperation with Partners used by the distributor, Resellers gain an opportunity of rapid growth and have the guarantee that by shaping their business they will be on the right track.
E-commerce E-commerce

ABC Data provides support to its Partners at every stage of the flow of goods and services from the manufacturer to the Reseller. The most important tool used for this purpose is InterLink - a multi-functional e-commerce platform, which enables checking availability and delivery date of products, negotiating prices, generating offers for end users, submitting and monitoring complaints, as well as obtaining technical support. InterLink is a pioneer solution in the sector which, constantly improved, still proves to be more functional and sets higher standards of working with business Partners. The distributor has also prepared for its Customers two other tools aimed at meeting more demanding market needs.


m-InterLink is a mobile app for the InterLink platform for smartphones and tablets operating on Android and iOS systems. All data displayed in the app are synchronized with the transaction platform – InterLink. This way orders commenced in the mobile app can be completed in the web-based system and vice versa. This allows our clients to take full advantage of the numerous features provided by modern multi-channel sales.

Reseller Web

Running your own e-business does not require having your own warehouses or maintaining large stock balances. You just need the right partner – one like ABC Data. With entrepreneurs who want to create and run their own e-store in mind, we have developed Reseller Web. Reseller Web is a technologically advanced online store app. Its easy-to-use and intuitive control panel allows quick and trouble-free creation and configuration of an open online store that is fully integrated with the systems of ABC Data.

ABC Data Cloud

The world of new technologies is constantly changing, increasingly tending toward cloud-based solutions. It is a natural evolution of the traditionally understood IT, and therefore the future of this area. That is why we have created ABC Data Cloud – a new, innovative tool in our portfolio. It is an e-commerce platform that provides an opportunity to share and use technologies developed by cloud service providers from Poland and abroad. ABC Data Cloud allows global and local providers to offer their solutions in the form of cloud services within the IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and DRaaS models. This includes a wide and diversified range of virtual servers, network drives, solutions for data analysis, archiving and backup as well as security and office software.

Printing devices to rent Printing devices to rent

ABC Data offers rental of printing devices so that the distributor's Partners can provide their Customers access to cutting-edge technologies without the need to purchase them and therefore, generate constant income on a monthly basis. The subject of rental is printing equipment selected by the distributor as generating the lowest maintenance costs. The portfolio of the products was prepared in such a way as to meet the needs of Customers operating in various sectors. Moreover, the Authorised Service Network of ABC Data services the equipment directly at the Customer's. It is worth noting that the Customer does not bear any other costs connected with maintenance, including costs of consumable spares, such as toners. Due to the monitoring system of the device, the spares will be delivered in advance, which guarantees no stoppage and decreases logistic costs of deliveries.

The agreement is concluded between three parties. ABC Data rents the device to the Reseller who sub-rents it to the end Customer. The settlement system also works on the same principle: ABC Data - Reseller - end Customer.

ABC Data also provides other services connected with printing equipment.


ABC Data's warranty

Resellers may buy selected printing devices with warranty granted by ABC Data. Servicing is performed across the country and provided by the Authorised Service Network of ABC Data. Resellers can also use our warranty package which introduces additional servicing to terms and conditions of the warranty. The package includes installation of the purchased device, maintenance inspections, repairs and full technical support of ABC Data's consultants so that the Customers gain a comprehensive solution tailor-made to their needs.

Audit and monitoring systems

ABC Data also offers audits of the print fleet performed at the end Customer on behalf of the Reseller. Thanks to that service the Customer is given comprehensive information on the condition of their devices, SWOT analysis of their current mode of operation, index of actual costs borne by the company. Moreover, the distributor also proposes solutions adjusted to current needs regarding printing and digital document processing which allows to reduce costs.

Enterprise Enterprise

ABC Data provides professional support regarding services connected with local and global networks, IP telecommunications, security and archiving of data, mass storage and servers.

ABC Data possesses qualified advisors specializing in various solutions, such as: LAN, WAN and WLAN. The standard scope of consultations encompasses analysis of network topology, schedule of works connected with network creation, configuration of equipment or optimisation of its performance.

The distributor also provides professional support in setting up the systems of IP telephony. It helps to implement and modernise switchboards, creates media gateways, provides terminals and comprehensive solutions for video conferences or call centre systems.

There is still a high demand for services connected with security of data archiving. The Partners of ABC Data will be supported in works such as: implementation of solutions to secure for end products, active devices or server environments.

When it comes to severs and mass storage, the distributor's Partners can receive professional support with Customer service. Standard services comprise technical inspections, modernisation of equipment, configuration or virtualisation.

Moreover, ABC Data conducts dedicated technical training carried out online or on site. It can pertain to particular issues indicated by the Partner and connected with products of such brands as: APC, Cisco, Dell, Eaton, Fujitsu, McAfee, Microsoft, Symantec, Trend Micro and VMware.

Customization Customization

ABC Data offers support relating to comprehensive customization of products for its Customers. The service is mostly provided in connection with orders placed for products offered by ABC Data during execution of agreements, tenders, integration projects, marketing campaigns, etc.

The customization services offered by ABC Data also include: re-configuration or upgrade of equipment, BIOS and RAID configuration, transfer of data between partitions or independent discs, installation of any original software from the provided disc image or licence bought at ABC Data, equipment testing with operation systems and selected applications, reporting the equipment's serial numbers (service TAG), licence numbers, etc.

Logistics Logistics

In the past the most important asset of a distributor was constant availability of goods. With mature market and availability of goods being a common trait, logistics became the key aspect of profitable entities. ABC Data is a definite market leader also in this field, which is proven by parameters achieved by the distributor, such as 99.9% of completion or the latest cut-off for orders in the CEE region. Also when it comes to delivery dates, ABC Data is one of the most competitive distributor with 4-hour delivery time in cities and towns where the distributor's warehouses are located, that is in Warsaw, Sosnowiec and Budapest. Moreover, in the CEE region delivery time does not exceed 48 hours. ABC Data offers not only availability and timeliness of deliveries but also additional services, such as: customization of products, that is labelling, creating sets, etc., servicing online shops, long and short-term storage or cross-docking offloading.

Technical advisory Technical advisory

ABC Data provides a wide range of consultancy and services connected with server equipment. The distributor's specialists possess vast experience both in equipment and software consultancy. When it comes to equipment, ABC Data offers services of configuration and monitoring of advanced server solutions, disk arrays or systems for data archiving.

The distributor also has extensive knowledge on software solutions supporting operation of an undertaking on the basis of Microsoft technology (Active Directory, Exchange, management via Group Policy, Office 365, SharePoint 2013, Windows Server, virtualisations via Hyper-V, SQL Server, IIS, OLAP). Moreover, it creates solutions requiring high accessibility - configuration of cluster solutions (Windows, SQL Server) and High Availability.

*services availability may be subject to restrictions on local markets. To confirm availability, please contact ABC Data.